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User submitted levels are levels created by Happy Wheels players using in-game level editor. As of July 2013 there were over 5.8 million user submitted levels in Happy Wheels.

User submitted levels are accessed from the main menu by pressing "BROWSE LEVELS" that brings the User Submitted Levels screen. On this screen you can see a list of levels split into pages by 50 levels and a set of tools for browsing the levels. Here you can search levels by name or by author. You can filter levels by author and by playable character, as well as specify whether you want to browse all levels, or only levels uploaded today, this week or this month. You can also sort levels by date from the oldest to the newest and vice versa, by rating and by play count.

Clicking a level name in the list will collapse a sort of panel where you can find some more info about the level, as well choose to as play this level, view its replays by other users or view other levels by this author. You can flag the level if you find it inappropriate or add it to favorites.

Clicking an author name in the list will open the author's profile page on Total Jerkface.

[edit] Glitches

  • In v1.70 checking "list only featured levels" checkbox at the bottom of User Submitted Levels screen will not do the thing, but show "no levels found using these parameters" message.
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